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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

So here I join the 21st century. An upgrade from reverbnation. You can still find me on FB jeffmichelsmusic, or folkadelic jam. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon streaming services! Wow!

And a new album! Some of my best songs with great musicians in my best basement studio! More to come...

So, now I have CD in hand. Some to look at and hold onto. If you'd like a copy, email Some good friends and great musicians have helped me put these songs down. Eric Congdon plays fine lead guitar on 8 of the tracks. Steve Kirkland plays slide on Hey Old Man and 4U and 4Me and electric guitar on Pennies in a Jar. Tyler Matthews plays drums and bongos and helps make me feel and sound like a Rock Star! Jim Robertson and I have been singing together for many years now, more than one hand anyway! Together this makes it a Folkadelic Jam!

So, the first track, Magic Eyes, was written by my good friend Eric Haines some years back. We used to play and write together in high school and some years beyond. Anyway, I changed it a little, but it is his song! Thanks, Eric! Check him out!

A great Jam at Oskar Blues in Brevard yesterday. Besides getting bit on the thumb by my dog, having a head cold arrive the day before and a downpour during the second set, I think we pulled it off pretty well!. Having Eric and Paul, along w Tyler, Steve and Jim around me, singing my songs is just the Best!. I have audio and video coming in the somewhat near future...

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