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More gigs coming up w Paul McIntire that (really good) electric violin player. Also will have an EP from my show at Oskar Blues w Paul and Eric Congdon joining Steve Kirkland, Jim Robertson and Tyler Matthews out soon. Some really good jams between us all.

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Have some upcoming gigs and new music to go with them. And really will put up really good sounds from Oskar Blues this Summer... With Eric Congdon playing lead guitar and Paul McIntyre adding violin--

A great Jam at Oskar Blues in Brevard yesterday. Besides getting bit on the thumb by my dog Monday, having a head cold arrive the day before and a downpour during the second set, I think we pulled it

Sunday July 11 Oskar Blues 3-5 Eric Congdon and Paul McIntire Join Steve, Jim, Tyler and myself for a true Folkadelic Jam. Come join us! You'll wish you had!